What do you think about WAX?

WAX Fact check:

  • A big project that is traded below ICO value, with a huge company in its background.
    • OPSkins, the market leader in digital asset trading, a $50 Billion Dollar industry.
    • Current price $0,26 ICO price $0.34
  • A whale that for some reason tries to keep the value down.
    • Setting up a 10 btc sell wall every time the price tries to break out.
  • Strong use cases now and in the future.
    • Digital assets will be a trillion dollar industry in the near future.
    • Think of eBooks, Movies, Music, Software, Blueprints, etc.pp.
  • A lot of misconceptions and people that don’t really know about it.
    • Most people think it’s just an ERC20 payment token, while it actually will be an EOS chain enhanced with staking. Testnet is done and alpha will be released this quarter.
  • Famous people in the Background.
  • Huge expectable ROI just by the staking alone
    • Got hit hard during last quarters bear phase due to no real news.
    • 10x just from ATH, with 20x from here pretty much guaranteed by release.
    • On top you basically get two airdrops.
    • I’m expecting at least 40x until eoy, rather 80x.

This might sound like a hard shill, but this project is truly made of the good stuff and already too big to fail. If you don’t believe me, do yourself the favor and take a couple of minutes and DYOR. This is likely the best opportunity of this year.


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