WAX Token Presentation and Q&A at Meetup in Seoul, South Korea – Wax.io

Wax.io : “Our first talk on our Asia tour was a stop in Seoul and our President Malcolm CasSelle, hosted a talk “Cryptokitties and Beyond – Digital Assets and the WAX Marketplace”. Malcolm spoke about how our skin is not just a physical thing anymore, and, our virtual avatars need and crave a social status and desire to be individual too. From this industries beginnings in 1997 with Ultima Online, and how nobody wished to know, so even eBay turned their noses up. To IGE and the early days of World Of Warcraft, and how the Gold farming, trade and selling ecosystem came about and flourished. And then to OPSkins coming into life in 2015, and, how it soared into a global, and leading marketplace for all things virtual item trading and now to WAX, the future of item trading. Malcolm covers so much, from Token economics, to why a blockchain solution is the best and only logical solution to bring security, efficiency, and, trust en masse to the 400+ million gamers already trading and simply waiting to adopt it NOW. Watch the full talk and give us your thoughts and any questions you may have too.”

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