WAX Token Panel at Meetup in Seoul, South Korea – Wax.io

Wax.io : “We hosted our first panel talk of our tour of Asia in Seoul, South Korea, and we were delighted to welcome representatives from WAX partner Decentraland. We covered many topics inside our overall subject of the secondary marketplaces in gaming. Can you recall how much money you have spent in a mobile game and how the feeling encroaches on you that you will never see that money again? We broke down how NFTs, ERC721s and more projects to come, are working on giving more power and ownership back to the gamers themselves. Through allowing users the opportunity to trade, share, buy and sell their collectibles, we will see a much vibrant ecosystem for gaming, and, a more pleasant user experience to go with it. Enjoy the panel for yourself and see what sort of questions were asked during our Q&A live from the panel in our video here.”

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