Official Statement from OPSkins Regarding the Future of Digital Item Trading

There have been a number of misconceptions circulating since Valve announced on Friday that they will disable OPSkins Steam accounts after three years and six months of uninterrupted service. We would like to clear these misconceptions up, and clarify what this decision means for the future of WAX and OPSkins. Our main points, detailed in this post, are:

  • OPSkins is not shutting down and Valve is not suing OPSkins
  • OPSkins’ customers’ funds are safe
  • The future of digital item trading is instant, free, peer-to-peer trades
  • ExpressTrade is the future of instant, free, peer-to-peer trades
  • WAX is being built to support a post-Valve trading economy
  • Valve’s decision was not unexpected
  • One company cannot kill the digital items trading industry
  • All of the above has been true for quite a while

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