Make no mistakes, Blockchain is just starting and WAX is leading

This is a tough period for blockchain projects. The recent price movements are creating panic and fear but there are a few projects that continue building. One of these projects is WAX and it has been announcing some very exciting stuff. I’m not talking about things that will be made in the future, I’m talking about things that are done and already working. The adoption has already started. Reading endless articles is boring for most people so let’s make it short and simple.

WAX is currently the most used blockchain. The average daily transactions numbers evolve above 5 million. You can check those numbers on Blocktivity or the WAX Block Explorer. Let’s keep in mind that WAX is currently 69th on Coin Market Cap. Those are all the products WAX has delivered in November only :

WAX has been delivering, it will continue to deliver and the bear market has become irrelevant at this point. WAX is already adopted and the beauty of it is that most users don’t even know they are using blockchain.

– WAX IRL Trading: Physical items will be trading on the beta WAX Blockchain within the next 2-4 weeks. IRL cases are coming soon as well. More details will follow on this. With this also comes a new public API.
– WAX AllAccess: WAX AllAccess is a simple, secure, and convenient way to login to websites. With your WAX AllAccess account, you can easily log into any website that supports it by simply entering your username and password.
– WAX Keyboard: Trade or gift items as easily as sending an emoji. With this mobile app that’s powered by WAX ExpressTrade, you can send and trade WAX Stickers and other items that trade on WAX to other WAX Keyboard users.
– WAX Mobile App: This is an app that supports WAX ExpressTrade. One notable feature is that it will feature WAX Sticker designs as emojis. Any WAX Stickers that you own can be sent in messaging apps and chats the way that you’re used to sending emojis. The rarity of some WAX Stickers means that only you might have access to a rare emoji.
– WAX Marketplace: Anyone will be able to set up a marketplace similar to Items are listed on the WAX Blockchain, and the commission on the sale of an item is split between the site that’s running the WAX Marketplace and the WAX Token holders.

The Telegram channel of WAX is not dark and gloomy in these red days. Now that the ”moonboys” are gone and the future lambos have become future MacDonalds clothes, let’s return to work and bring value to the blockchain. We don’t need speculation, we need adoption!

PS: This is a brilliant way to present the team and talk about the vision :


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