$16 Million to Build EOS-Focused Game Studio

Mythical Games is “a next-generation game technology studio.” Their focus is online games where players own the assets they develop or acquire in the game – true digital ownership powered by the blockchain, as opposed to managed digital ownership backed by centralized servers. It’s an important difference.

When a player acquires assets in a game like World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, or Runescape, they are at the whim of the company to stay in business and keep servers online. A decentralized game built on the blockchain can keep in operation, with assets retaining value, for as long as users desire them to. Not to mention how much easier it is to transfer assets when blockchain-connected accounts are involved.

The company has yet to release a game, but today announced that it had raised $16 million in funding from five different venture capital firms including Galaxy Digital’s EOS VC fund and OKCoin.


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