About Us

The WAXERS Think Tank has been created by WAX enthusiasts and fans. We are an independent community organisation and all publications, views and opinions are our own and not that of WAX or OPSkins.

The Think Tank will be working as closely with WAX as possible to ensure all publications are of benefit to the development of the WAX project, should WAX or OPSkins request any amendments to the WAXERS Think Tank content, we shall comply.

The WAXERS Think Tank want to be active contributors to the evolution of WAX. All our members have committed to allocating time and energy to detecting and analysing problems. We will then look to create and propose solutions. Our discussions will take place on multiple platforms and all ideas will be gathered in an official WAXERS Think Tank report that will be published on our website frequently.

Want to help ?

We are WAX believers and we are not paid by WAX for our website and actions, in order to remain independent and objective. If you appreciate our work, help us continue by donating. We have a slight preference for WAX 😉 We have plans to promote WAX that require funds and we’d like to remain community driven. The funds will be used to create articles, videos, participating in blockchain forums or conferences and anything else that allows us to promote the benefits of using the WAX platform and the way it can influence both blockchain technology and the gaming industry.

Kaefer is one of the most valuable community members, very active on Reddit, Twitter and Telegram. He gives a lot of his time to spread knowledge on WAX. Help him continue his great job by donating him WAX or ETH on his adress.




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